Emmas vintage på … portugisiska.

Om du känner att jag är på tok för ointernationell, spana in bloggen Glamour vintage

Där kan du läsa om Emmas vintage på portugisiska.
Det ni!

emmas vintage emma sundh blog vintageblogg vintage blogg


  1. Oh, Dear Colleen, What beautiful thnigs you are showing here for your Scout Market. I DO wish I could come to see all of them! That vase with the flowers is SO Pretty! I have been helping to babysit the grandchildren. Had to keep them busy today because they had a day off from school. I made oven Smores with them. We had fun! We have a three-day Memorial Day holiday over the weekend. We may cook a family meal, and take a trip to Dublin (near San Francisco) to a wood shop my husband wants to visit. I hope your Scout Market is a wonderful success!!Blessings to you,xoxo…Gloriap.s. It is raining here right now! Crazy weather we are having!!

  2. My boyfreind and I like do have itrrecounse every free period during the school day. Which is pretty much every 45 minutes because we are switching classes then. We do it in the teacher lounge, kiln room and handicapped bathroom stall. After School is when the action starts we do seven hours a day except thursdays when we do nine. I feel like a goddess. He likes it when I lick his eyes and I love it when he sticks his penise in my nose. Its getting hard to tell the difference between having orgasms and breathing. I am definatly not a slut even knowing I am only thirteen and my boyfriends fifteen.

  3. åh, jag fick så många besök på min blogg i dag, Emma! Tack för att skriva om min blogg! (sorry for my poor poor Swedish! hehe)


  4. Inte nog med att det är en blogg på portugisiska- bloggerskan bor i på andra sidan Atlanten i Brasilien. Coolt! :)

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