Hello week 36! It’s getting closer and closer now. Baby could arrive any day now but I’m pretty sure we’ll at least will have to wait until week 40.

On my to-do list:
* Pack the hospital bag. I’ve been reading some lists and suggestions and hey – the packing suggested is like more than I normally travel with to fashion month. Ok not really, but almost. 😛 I think I’ll maybe grab half of what is suggested.

* I would like to research a bit more about the ‘diving technique’ before going into labor. I think I’d like to give that technique a try. To make it short, it’s a relaxing technique that is said to relief the pain by a lot. I’ve heard great things about it.

* Make sure the iPad is full of good tv-shows and some games. 🙂

* Make a birth plan letter. I think I pretty much know how I want it. But I know it might turn out some other way regardless. Still, putting some wishes on paper can be good.

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