week 35


I’m in week 35 now and now it’s really not long to go. I’m tired and not sleeping too well, the baby feels heavy and she’s bumping around all the time. And she’s strong, if I fall asleep with my arm on my belly, she pokes me there until I remove it. Not sleeping alright gives me the energy of a 90 year old. But besides that I feel pretty good. I’m just trying to relax as much as I can and focus on what is ahead.

I got the Lolaloo and this must be the best invention since the wheel. Now I haven’t tested it with baby (obviously), but it looks amazing and fits both the stroller and crib. (For the crib I got the ‘vyssan lull’ legs from Brio so the Lolaloo would work there as well.) It automatically rocks the sleep space for four hours until you must charge it again. The perfect gadget for tired mummys and daddys. I’ll let you know how it works on our baby later on. Stuffed animals from JellyCat.

I’ve also bought the Troll bedside crib to have the first 4 to 6 months and a babysitter from Babybjörn. So many people has recommended me these two so I felt they are a must have.

Baby’s closet are almost bigger than mine already. Here are some of the stuff she’s got since last update. Blanket from Stokke, a dress from H&M, ‘Smile’ one-piece from Baby Gap and a ‘Paris’ striped top from River Island.


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