Week 31. The belly sure is growing now. Can’t believe the baby is about 43 cm (!!!) and weighs 1.6 kg (!!!) this week. I’m still feeling good, nothing major. But the belly is getting heavy and my mid back is kind of feeling that. I’m also tired and have the energy of an 80 year old. Haha! The baby is moving around and bumping a lot, I don’t think I slept a whole night in 3 months now. Didn’t think that would happen until the baby acctually came out. 😉 Oh well, now it’s only a few weeks to go and time is flying. There is so much stuff to prepair. At least we have ordered the stroller (I’ll let you know which as soon as it arrives).

I’m wearing this blouse.

PS. Du vet väl att du kan byta till svenska? Uppe i högra hörnet byter du språk. DS.

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