Hello! Today I’m in the middle of week 29, today I felt the first kicks on my ribs (which kind of hurt) ouch! And today I also had my shot of Rh immune-globulin since I have a negative blood type and the baby is Rh positive. The shot acts like a ‘vaccine’ preventing my body from producing any potentially dangerous Rh antibodies that can cause serious complications in the newborn or complicate any future pregnancies.

I’m feeling pretty great, some middle back pain and tired but nothing major yet. And now it’s only like 10 more weeks to go (give or take). And since it’s thursday today I give you a throwback in pictures. From week 3 until today. It’s crazy just how amazing the body is!

And about the my weight, I got some emails/comments about that. I’m not sure what my weights was week 3 but I weighed approx 57-58 kg in week 8 and today I weigh about 68-69 kg. So 10+ kg so far. I’m gussing I’ll add on AT LEAST 5 more until due date. 😀 (I’m 177 cm tall).

This week we’ve also been starting to browse the crib segment. Thinking about getting the Sleepi from Stokke and/or a bedside crib from Troll. We also like the Sebra Juno in black. There are so many options, any advise would as usual help out!

And have anyone tried the Lolaloo? Is it any good?

PS. Du vet väl att du kan byta språk till svenska högst upp i högra hörnet? DS.