I’m at the end of week 28. The belly is growing and I’m starting to feel that in my back. But we’re both doing fine, me and baby Peanut. I just discovered River Islands miniature collection and had to order the tiniest leather jacket (0-3 months). Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!? Shopping for baby clothes I’ve found it hard to find good quality basics in black without any print. Especially in the stores here in Stockholm. But I found some here and there, like on H&M and on Estella NYC. And I’m so getting these hair bows in black for baby, so cute! I also just realized that time is flying and it’s like 10 weeks until the baby acctually is coming!!!

In baby’s closet: Jacket from River Island, jeans from River Island and a cotton tee from Estella NYC. All in sizes 0-3 months.

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