Now I’m not super pregnant and huge just yet but big enough not to fit into my regular clothes. I’d thought I’d give some advise on pants that works for me right now, because for me personally good (both comfy and nice looking) pants has been the most difficult to get hold of. If you have any good suggestions please comment in this post!

I’m not a big fan of that giant rib that will cover the entire stomach and have tried to avoid those pants. I have one pair from Lindex with such elastic but it works since I fold it double (that actually even feels nice and gives support). Otherwise, I have been wearing mostly regular jogging pants (with low waist and slightly narrow fit so it still feels like a pant) and regular leggings (one size larger). Topshop maternity jeans are really comfortable but in the Stockholm store they are always sold out and for some reason I have not ordered online yet.

My selection above is very black, but I do like it that way. Also it is winter so black feels like the obvious choice and it’s easy to match with the rest of my closet. Above you will find three pants I wish for on row 1 and three pants that I own on row 2.

1. A pair of pants that I wear a lot right now is a pair of cashmere joggers I got at Whistles. They are sold out but there is a similar pair in jersey that looks nice. They are available in black and grey (the grey are on super sale). These joggers looks a bit more ‘sofisticated’ than a regular jogging pant.
2. I’m seriously thinking about getting these from Wang, they look loose enough and they might work the whole pregnancy. Could be worth a click!
3. Leggings. I have leggings both from Gina Tricot and American Apparel that I think work just fine. H&M also have a huge selection. I’ve been eyeing these that might work.
4. Slim fit pant from Lindex, these look like regular black jeans and I think they are working great. I also have these, they are more loose fit and jogging pant like. Very comfy.
5. This pair is from Baum und Pferdgarten and in a wool blend that is great for colder days. Now they are available on sale!
6. Maternity jeans from Topshop, I own these but in blue. They come in a big range of colors and with or without knee holes.

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