I’m in week 26 and now I’m really starting to feel very pregnant, which is both good and bad. Mostly good. Lying down in the wrong position makes my heart race and I feel super nausius, I’m also feeling very tired and my back feels stiff. Also the acctual birth part is worring me a bit (a lot), but I think I’m just gonna take it as it comes, it’s very hard not to think about it though. The up’s are of course weighing up any kind of downs. Feeling baby peanut kicking and moving is just amazing (and he/she moves a lot) and I’m so happy everything runs smoothly. We can’t wait for baby peanut to arrive!!! I’m having an ultra sound this coming week and maybe we’ll be able to see the gender this time. I think it’s a boy and Daniel think it’s a girl. But it does not matter, we’re super happy no matter what. What do you think it is? Any guesses?

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