I can’t wait for spring/summer to arrive, especially since there are so many nice ss15 items to get inspired by. Like the Chanel slides for example, them, a beach and nice weather would be ideal.

1. The slides of summer 2015, most probably. From Chanel.
2. Blouse from Mango with a very scandinavian feel.
3. Denim from H&M. Loose and worn, just the way it’s supposed to be!
4. Daria in Celine, what’s not to like!?!
5. Saint Laurent insane fringe jacket. Not very wallet friendly but great eye candy!
6. Jeans, tshirt, top knot. The ultimate keywords for that realxed/chic style.
7. Bra from Kiki de Montparnasse, I bet this one would look great underneath a plain white tee!