This weekend I was creative and made myself some felt and leather trays (for myself but also as a gift). I love how luxourios they look, but it does not cost much to make one! Also it is super easy and quick to make ‘em! I’d tought I’d share with you how I did!

-What you need-
A hammer
Felt fabric (I bought this 3 mm felt for 29 sek) or you can also use leather but the price will be higher.
Double cap rivets 10 mm (It’s important that they look the same on both sides, I bought these, 50 for only 18 sek).
A Pricker
A fabric marker
A mersure tape
Soft fabric to protect the studs with when you hammer them together, I used some left over felt pieces.

-How to-
First you cut out a 25 x 25 cm felt or leather piece. Then measure up the holes where the studs should be put, I used the fabric marker to mark the holes. See my sketch for the measurements where the holes should be. Then use the pricker to make the holes. Insert the rivets and use the hammer and protective fabric to join the pieces. Boom and you’re done! See the pictures in the image gallery above for more info!

I ended up making one black felt tray and also two leather ones in creme and red. The total cost for the felt tray was 47 sek (but the I had a lot of rivets left over) which is approx 5 euros = very affordable! Also this can be a great christmas gift to a loved one.

In my tray you’ll find my phone, my bracelet I designed for X by Trollbeads and some cards.

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