I have a secret I’ve been keeping from you for a while but it’s starting to show so it’s time to let you all in on it! I’m pregnant! If all goes well me and Daniel will become parents in april! We were on our first ultrasound a week back and it is all so unreal and amazing!

So how have I been feeling?
So far I’ve been feeling pretty lousy, going to Milan and Paris fashion weeks was such a struggle. The first months has felt like a long neverending hangover, the nausea and dizziness has been tough. So tough I have to take pills to get through the day. I’m still not feeling great but some days are better than other. And it really doesn’t matter because it’s totally worth it!

Any cravings?
My cravings are salty and sour things. I love anything citrus. Ice water with lemon is like on my top list. Lemon is also the thing that fights my nausea the best, I can’t stand ginger or crackers.

And what about non-cravings?
I can’t drink coffee anymore (and I love coffee), it’s just so disgusting right now, that and all things minty, like gum and even tooth paste. I also can’t stand the smell of those things. Yuck!

That was a short resume of what’s been up with me so far, I hope you all want to follow us on our journey!

PS. Glöm inte att du kan välja språk, svenska eller engelska längst upp i högra hörnet!

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