American Style

This is America- more is more! 
The other day we went to my favorite brunch place, Wildberries. They have (as you can see above) the most amazing pancakes in chicago (my oppinion).Tons of pancakes with strawberrys, blueberrys and whipped cream- that’s my cup of tea. I mean look at it!? Looks so yummy (and unhealthy, lol) I guess the only bad thing is that I can only eat two of them before I’m over full so it feels a little bit waste of food sometimes. But I only have a couple of days left here in Chicago before I’m heading back to Sweden again so better take every opportunity to enjoy my time here!
I’ll give you today’s outfit later as well! 
  1. Emelie skriver:

    Kommer du att flytta tillbaka till Chicago i höst igen?

    1. Jag vet faktiskt inte, det är inte riktigt bestämt än. Åker hem nu i 6 månader så får vi se vart det bär av näst 🙂 kram

  2. sara skriver:

    Ser så gott ut, blir skit hungrig haha!

  3. Lovisa skriver:

    Nu blev jag jättesugen och hungrig. Det ser super gott ut.

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