I woke up in the morning feeling blessed

Det var kärlek vid första ögonkastet. Gäller alla tre saker jag har på mig här. Perfekta kjolen, skorna och toppen. Letat efter ett sånt här linne i ca tusen år. Äntligen fanns det en på Zara som passade min kropp. Kjolen kan inte bli mer rätt i höst och är enkel att matcha till det mesta. Skorna är mina absoluta favoriter. Blev en bra första dag på jobbet efter semestern! ♥ : )

It was love at first sight. I’m referring to all three pieces. The perfect skirt, shoes and top. Been on a hunt for this kind of top forever now and finally found one that fit my body at Zara. The skirt can’t be more right for this fall and it’s very easy to wear with almost anything. The shoes are my all time favorites. It was a good way to start the first day after vacay. ♥ : )

Photos: Rami Hanna Edit: Sania Claus Demina

Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Skirt – H&M
Top – Zara

  1. ren och skär perfektion.
    Skorna och klacken är ren sexuell upphetsning! Linnet- bekvämt och stilrent! och kjolen – det mest kvinnliga på många herrans år! LYCKA!

  2. Hello!
    I adore your style! Seriously! And also I love love love all your shoes!!
    And this outfit is so effortless chic.. it’s amazing!!

    By the way.. As I believe you are a shoe-expert can I ask you a question about the Louboutin? Is it true about the Pigalle 120 pair that you should take a half or even a whole size down? Unfortunately there isn’t a store near where I live to try them on and I can decide what to do..

    Thank you anyway!!
    Keep up the awesome work! :D

    1. first of all: THANK YOU so much!! that makes me so so happy to hear!!

      second: wow, so creepy lol, I was just listening to the song that inspired me to use the headline ”I woke up in the morning feeling blessed” and I saw I got this comment, checked what post you left it on and at the same time as I read it Jill Scott was singing the exact words lol!!!

      about the Pigalle 120 (also crazy that you just left this comment now, cuz I just made a post featuring the nude ones hahah): yes, I went down a half size. I’m normally a 39 and bought them in 38,5. If they don’t fit its very easy to sell them on ebay or send them back, so don’t worry. Just make sure to get the real deal and not fakes!

      Thank YOU!!
      Have a great end of the week!

    2. OMG! Thank you for the quickest respond ever!!
      And I guess I had perfect timing with the comment!! hehe… You’ve been so helpful!!

      And believe me I mean all the things I said!! I’ve been following your blog/style for quite some time now and I truly thing your style is super chic! And with an edge! Exactly the style I love!

      Also I really like the kind of pictures and the style-in-motion videos you post! The color, the angles, the music are all really inspiring!

      Also when I get this skirt and the shoes I’m so gonna try this outfit!! I fell in love with the simplicity and the elegance it has!

      Have a great week too! :)

    1. Thanks dear!!
      I’m sorry, got it many months ago so couldn’t find it, but they got similar ones in their actual shops and lots of other brands make almost the same! gotta rush now so can’t look but I’ll try later!

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