2012-08-13 2 kommentarer
Tips / Träning

Till frukosten bläddrade jag igenom Söndagsbilagan och omslagsflickan såg ut så här och handlade såklart om träning. I dagens Aftonbladet kan man oxå se utdrag ur boken;)






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@sillyhoneybunny when i tried it the first time it looked like that too D: but i chgnead from my foundation to concelear, and i only applied it lightly. and for lipsticks.i noticed that with cheap lipstick the result won’t be as pretty D: and for lipstick i always would recommend MAC, even though it is really expensive D: but the quality is great [and they have many colors] and i think lip gloss..well does not really matter. something smooth and nice XD looking forward to your next tutorials!<3

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